Current version: 1.7



Use the free GW Check app to check connectivity to your GroupWise WebAccess Calendar. If this app works with your server then the paid GW Import app will work too. Requires GroupWise WebAccess account. This app will download your Novell GroupWise Calendar appointments and will display only the first and last appointment for the selected range of dates.


To configure the app you need to provide your GroupWise server address which typically ends with gw/webacc path and username. If you provide the password it will be stored securely in your iOS device's keychain. If you leave the password field blank, you will be asked for password each time the app is restarted. Please note, that iOS 7 broke this functionality and it is no longer possible to enter password through the pop up dialog box. Repairing it would result in breaking compatibility with old Novell proxy servers that are used by some Groupwise installations. At the moment, the recommended solution is to let the phone store the password.


Use Days To Fetch values to define a range of days for which to get events from GroupWise calendar. If using Groupwise 7 you need to increment Days Ahead by 1 to work around GW7 bug. If the app does not show all the events you expected to see try setting Fetch All option in Groupwise Calendars selection. If that helps you may have defined rules that move events into subfolders in calendar. Not yet accepted appointments can be downloaded if the corresponding option is enabled. They will be shown in blue color.


If you get "connection error" status when configuring the app for the first time, please first check server address and then try turning on the "Ignore SSL Warnings" option in Settings. If that resolves the problem, then your server most likely is using self-signed SSL certificate. In that case you can contact your GroupWise admin to see if a properly signed SSL certificate can be installed or continue ignoring the SSL warnings.


If you have other connection issues or the app does not download any appointments and you are on GW 7 or GW 6.5, try disabling Time Zone Support in the app settings.


If you experience issues with time for downloaded appointments, try setting time zone to fixed instead of workstation in WebAccess Time Zone options (using desktop browser and choosing graphical and not basic interface at login) and disabling Time Zone Support in the app settings. Some builds of GW2012 are buggy and may have issues with DST in EST timezone.


If this app does not work with your server, please contact us through our Contact page and we will work with you to try to get it working with your setup. It would be helpful to send debug info. Go to the Settings and in the server address field replace "https" with "htTPs", that will enable debug mode. After that download appointments and go to the Settings again. Before showing the Settings screen, the app will show a Compose Email screen already filled with our support email address and debug info. There you should also add your problem description, then just press the Send button. After that you can change "htTPs" back to "https".

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